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What I’ve learned about walking kelpies

So if you’ve read the first instalment you’d know that I love dogs, kelpies in particular, but I’m not going to make the significant lifestyle change for the next 15 years or so to own one. Instead, I’m a Kelpie Fun Uncle, borrowing the dogs to do my You Yangs hike. And if you haven’t […]

Rated Recovery Points?

Reader question: “Firstly, thank you for your channel, there is some really good information there. I am new to 4wds and have found your videos on winching techniques particularly interesting (I loved physics at school!) I have also sent some of your recent videos on traction circles and understeer to my 3 learner drivers for […]

4×4 Bridle Recovery Forces

This post answers a few questions about the Bridle Forces recovery video: Can you use a bridle for snatch recovery? Yes, you can, provided the bridle is designed for it. Can you use a tree trunk protector (or tree saver) as a bridle? Yes. Is there a maximum length for a bridle? No, but once […]

I borrowed a kelpie

I’ve always loved dogs for all the usual reasons; their unconditional devotion, companionship, giving you a sense of purpose. But owning one? There’s a problem. A dog is a huge, huge 15-year commitment, but also a lifestyle change. I live mostly alone, so there’s nobody to share the load and I travel a lot, plus […]