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How much can I carry on my roofrack?

Worried about your roofrack load limit, or your car’s roof load limit? Every vehicle has a roof load limit, which for modern 4X4s is around 50-150kg – but that’s very much dependent on the specific make and model of the vehicle, so check your car’s limit and don’t assume one close to it will be […]

But MAXTRAX are no good in mud!

First time I heard this I thought it was a one-off. Then I heard it again. And again. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Traction ramps are great in any compression terrain (term I’ve learned from Bob Wohlers). Sure, they are most famous for use in sand, but they work very well in mud too, and the techniques […]

Automotive Journalism in 2021

From time to time someone asks, or rants, about the business of journalism, so I’m writing this as sort of a general answer to various queries, and to let people know where I’m coming from as a journalist. Is that even the right term for what I do? I don’t mind – journalist, content creator, YouTuber, […]

Why I own a 4WD

This beach is next to a city of 300,000 people, an hour away from Melbourne and easily accessible by roadcar. The next day I took this photo. That beach is 45m from a town of 30,000 and only accessible by 4WD. It’s 5 hours from Melbourne. Just where I’d rather be. Sure, I relish and […]

MadMatt’s Rollover

Real-life recovery stories are something we can all learn from! MadMatt and I speak a fair bit on 4WD-y matters; we’re both trying to make a go of it in the world of YouTube, and we’re both committed to 4WD safety and education, albeit with different styles. But I wasn’t expecting the call I got […]