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Tyre problems

A reader wrote in to Overlander to thank us for the tyre guide. Unfortunately, the tyre shop fitted the wrong tyres.  It was sorted out in the end…. Regular readers may recall a letter from ‘Squizz’ thanking us for our comprehensive tyre guide as in it we had listed the Cooper STT in 275/65/R18, and […]

Alfa Romeo 4C – what IS that?

When you think high-end sports cars, don’t forget about the Alfa Romeo 4C “What IS that?” That’s one of the phrases you’re most likely to hear when you’re driving around in an Alfa Romeo 4C. “Beautiful car!’ is another one – on one memorable occasion, called out by a passing pedestrian as we cruised through […]

Meet your local 4X4 owner

Bush-bashers, compensation machines..offroad touring 4X4 owners have heard it all. MANY PEOPLE don’t like 4X4s. Too big, too heavy, too…everything and they fall back on tired old insults which have no basis in reality.  Like most prejuidices, this attitude is borne of ignorance. Those that explore Australia are a cross-section of society, nothing more or […]

How would you recover this?

So if you had two 4x4s with winches, 8 Maxtrax, a lot of winch ext straps, several shovels, 10 people and a coffee pot, how would you recover this? That’s the question I asked on my Facebook Page, and many of the responses were just pure gold…. MadMatt 4wd What type of coffee is it […]

8 ways to annoy someone packing a 4×4

There’s usually one person responsible for packing a touring 4×4. Don’t upset them. DO YOU WANT TO make the person packing the car angry? It’s easy, just try these top tips: 1. Is it…? “Have you packed the…?”“Yes it’s in the back.” <5 minutes later> “What about the …?”“Yes, it’s in the back!” 2. Repack […]