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Racetrack Mistakes

There’s plenty of mistakes made on racetracks, and they can end up rather expensive or painful. So I’m analysing a few in the hope of helping myself, and others not make those same mistakes again! 1. Lotus Elise Oversteer The first one is one of my own. What mistake was made to enter an oversteer […]

INEOS release details of the service locations for the Grenadier in Australia and New Zealand: UPDATED 28/4/22

One of the concerns 4×4 owners and operators have with any vehicle is service locations, particuarly in this modern age where you need more diagonistic equipment than a set of spanners. Many owners will buy Toyota “because you can get it serviced and fixed anywhere” – which isn’t entirely true as it’s doubtful remote stations […]

How to share the track on a trackday

There are many resources in life that we must share. So it’s best for all, safest and most efficient, if we all cooperate. And that’s definitely true of track driving. Unfortuantely, there is often some selfish behaviour by some drivers. And in fairness, new drivers may not understand how to share. There’s also a bit […]

Why would you write that comment?

When you’re offroading, you need gear that works and doesn’t break – in other words, quality. But not all gear is good quality, which leads to problems out in the bush. SoI posted this on my Facebook page. It shows some Maxtrax with some cheap copies. The cheapies are broken, shattered on first use. The […]