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Dirty on dirty

So you own a 4WD and you use it offroad. Often it’ll get dirty in the course of those trips, but when it does, take a few moments clean it.  There is no point driving around for days or even weeks with a dirty 4WD as some misguided badge of honour – you won’t do […]

Will another hundred be enough?

Years ago a computer monitor used to be 12 inches across, and 15 was considered large. Having such a behemoth on your desk was a clear sign that you were terrifically important to the company and had done something special to have justified such an expansive display.  Now 27” monitors are dirt cheap, and TVs […]

Pride and Prejudice – Hummer H3 Review

Hummer says it’s like nothing else.  They mean the vehicle, but that also goes for the emotions. Reprint of a roadtest from 2009! The pictures show a car, but it’s not a car, it’s an emotion grenade.  Mentioning you’re driving this car is the roughly equivalent to saying you’ve dumped your partner; people instantly split […]

A tank full of electrons.

This is my co-driver’s story of our drive from Melbourne to Adelaide and back in Hyundai Kona EV in April 2019. When Robert asked for volunteers to ride along on an extended EV journey, I was keen, then not so keen as the logistics started to look challenging. The same journey in a petrol or […]

How to choose your hobby

Bored? Want to get into something, but not sure what? Lots of people have interests, hobbies, recreations…call it what you will, activities that take up a lot of their time. Many people don’t, and they’re quite happy that way. But there’s lots of others who wish they could find something to do with their time. […]

Why are diesels turbocharged?

The short answer is “because they need it”.  Here’s the long answer, and why. Your internal combustion engine, be it diesel or petrol, draws air in through valves as the piston moves down inside its cylinder.  Then the valves are closed, and the piston moves back up.  A petrol engine creates a compressed mixture of […]