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Nobody is being entirely truthful about the NVES – New Vehicle Emission Standard

I’m reading up on the New Vehicle Emissions Standard and it’s hard going because, as usual, we have two conflicting points of view.

One side says your ute will be $6000 more expensive and it’s a no to NVES. The other says Aussie motorists will save thousands of dollars once NVES in place. For every scaremongering “ute tax” video or article there’s an opposing one saying how great NVES will be and how much we’ll all save.

Who’s right?

Neither. Both sides have absolutely selectively interpreted facts and drawn edge-case conclusions which suit their agendas. And the general news media has been seeded with ready-made graphics such as the above which they run without any analysis. The example above should have been sent direct to the recycle bin because it’s fundamentally just plain wrong.

I’ve not finished my own analysis, but it looks like my conclusion will be that the concept of an NVES is a good idea, but this specific implementation is problematic as it attempts to shift the Australian market in its entirety to EVs before the EV technology is capable of doing the job of diesels and petrols. Quite a few problems with the base government proposal even outside the abuse of facts by the two warring sides.

More to come.

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