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Relative sizes of Hiace, Sprinter, Hilux and Canter

There is no ‘best’ travel vehicle, and not even a ‘best’ campervan. It’s all a question of the tradeoffs you want to make.

The diagram below is to scale and shows a Hilux, two Hiaces, a Sprinter and Fuso Canter, all of which can be converted into motorhomes. The Hiaces can be converted to 4WDs, as per the video below but are shown in 2WD form.

Roughly, the tradeoffs are:

  • Offroad ability – best would be Canter, then Hilux, then Hiace, a biggish gap, then Sprinter.
  • Onroad comfort – Hilux, Hiace/Sprinter, a large gap, then Canter.
  • Interior space – Sprinter, Canter, Hiace SLWB, LWB.
  • Mod-cons like adaptive cruise, safety etc – Hilux, Sprinter, Hiace, huuuuge gap, Canter.
  • Payload – Canter, huge gap, Hiaces, Hilux, Sprinter

You get the idea. There’s no vehicle that’s #1 across all those categories, and I’ve not even looked at price, run costs, or whether you can drive it on a car licence.

Here’s videos on the Hiace 4×4 and Canter:

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