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Simple ways to show how trailer weight distribution matters

Don’t let anyone tell you different – trailer weights and dynamics are complex. But, unfortunately, if you tow heavy trailers you really need understand some of the basics about weight distribution, because it has a dramatic effect on trailer stability.

Some people won’t need to watch the videos below – they are the folks who know a moment isn’t just a measure of time, and the difference between a first and second class lever. But for the rest of the world, and that is the majority, I’ve made a couple of videos using experiments you can try at home to explain a bit more about why weight distribution on trailers is so very important. Or did I just want to find a way to make two cartons of beer a tax writeoff??

And don’t forget the hard work of towing weights can be done for you if you use the Towing Weights Calculator!

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  • by Chris
    Posted 3 February 2022 01:37 0Likes

    this obsession with 10 percent ball weight is wrong. you want the mass balanced on the axle group with a slight forward bias. if you can’t lift the drawbar at the hitch its too heavy. it should feel like your lifting a couple of 20lt drums.

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