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Caravan aerodynamics with Kyle Forster of jfkaero.com

Caravan aerodyanmics isn’t something that’s talked about very often, if ever. So I was lucky that Kyle Forster of Kyle.Engineers joined me to discuss aero and vans, along with live questions. You can see the recording of the discussion below, but if there’s one thing to take away from this webinar:

Caravan aerodynamics is complex, the solutions aren’t obvious, and if you just start making aero modifications in your back yard you may well be doing more harm that good. The smallest geometrical details can make a big difference one way or the other.

The reason is that aerodynamics for a car alone is hard enough, you add a caravan and then the complexity goes right up. Most modifications are made for the purposes of reducing drag, but are you at the same time also decreasing stability?

Kyle did say, and I agree, that weight distribution for caravan stability is far more important than aero, and this video explains why.

Links to Kyle’s work:

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