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Does a GVM upgrade increase your towing capacity?

On the face of it, no it doesn’t. A GVM upgrade only increases the legal amount the vehicle can weigh, which has the effect of increasing how much it can carry.

But one of the towing limits is in fact GVM, so if the GVM is increased, you may actually be able to tow heavier trailers than before, albeit without exceeding the original maximum braked tow limit.

Complicated? Unfortunately yes, towing weights ARE complex and let nobody tell you different. In the video below I run through examples of GVM upgrades and heavy trailers, and finish up with some advice. And did you know there’s four different types of GVM upgrade?

You can also use the Towing Weights Calculator – just collect the measurements, enter them in, and hit Calculate…it’ll tell you what you need to know!

Do GVM Upgrades Help You Tow?

GVM Upgrades, Explained

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