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INEOS AsiaPac chief talks all thing Grenadier

Development of the INEOS Grenadier is complete, and owners are being asked for deposits. So I thought it’d be a good time to talk to Justin Hocevar, INEOS’s AsiaPacific chief, about INEOS, the Grenadier and plans for Australia. Here’s the chapter list from the video:

  • 00:00 introduction to Grenadier, Justin
  • 03:15 Target market for INEOS Grenadier, owners, competitors (the 4 groups)
  • 06:43 How is the Australian market different for INEOS?
  • 09:11 What Australian feedback went into the design for the Grenadier?
  • 10:19 Aftermarket development for the Grenadier – INEOS’s view
  • 14:41 Safety, classifications for the Grenadier
  • 20:05 Warranty for the Grenadier
  • 22:40 Dealer network ability to understand 4×4 tourers and enthusiasts
  • 29:35 INEOS customer driver club plans for owners
  • 31:22 Towing with the Grenadier
  • 34:17 The ute / pickup version of the Grenadier
  • 36:00 Graceful degradation – a design principle
  • 39:31 Future INEOS vehicles – electric, hydrogen
  • 43:18 Petrol & diesel Grenadiers
  • 45:24 Future of INEOS – will it be around?
  • 47:23 INEOS customer engagement model e.g. Facebook
  • 51:28 Final message from Justin

I’ve also done a towing analysis which includes the Grenadier.

You should also check out Stefan Fischer’s comprehensive Grenadier analysis here and here. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, particuarly his view on the need for 35″ tyres and lots of mods, but I do recommend people watch it, and remember that no 4×4 is perfect.

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