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Proposed changes to Victoria’s Club Permit Scheme

For many years Victoria has offered a Club Permit Scheme (CPS) for vehicles older than 25 years which allows the owners benefits such as lower registration fees and no stamp duty on vehicle transfer. There are restrictions on the amount of days the vehicle can be used – 45 or 90, and each vehicle must be roadworthy and the owner a member of an approved club. The scheme is popular with enthusiasts as it allows people to own and operate older vehicles at a lower cost. Cars, trailer and motorcycles are all eligible under the Scheme.

Vicroads is now considering changes to the Scheme which are summarised below:

Exactly what all that means is unclear as the changes are still being drafted, but the big one is change from 25 to 30 years. And, it seems there have been some abuses of the Scheme, so that’s been tightened up.

You can have your say on the matter, and various other Vicroads proposed changes such as the Written Off Vehicles Register, here:


Here’s a link to the current CPS:


And for no reason at all, enjoy this club-plated 911 on a skidpan:

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