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Why I own a 4WD

This beach is next to a city of 300,000 people, an hour away from Melbourne and easily accessible by roadcar.

The next day I took this photo. That beach is 45m from a town of 30,000 and only accessible by 4WD. It’s 5 hours from Melbourne.

Just where I’d rather be.

Sure, I relish and enjoy the technical aspects of 4X4, but if the only option was to drive around a quarry I wouldn’t own a 4X4, or at least not the one I have now. There’s far more money spent on my car to set it up for touring than to improve its offroad capability.

The attraction of a 4X4 for me is the opportunity to explore, absorb nature enjoy and solitude – mixed with the adventure of difficult terrain and unknown situations that have to be handled with skill, knowledge and equipment. I love being self-sufficient and being able to turn down any interesting road, knowing if it’s possible to get through, I will, and I’m not bound to a hotel room or dependent on finding an AirBnb for the night.

What’s your reason for owning a touring 4X4?

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