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Are you a low-vision driver?

Bioptic driving – are you, or do you know someone who is losing their eyesight or born with low vision, and wants to continue to drive? In this interview Robert Pepper talks to me, Belinda O’Connor, founder and director of Bioptic Drivers Australia. At the time I had only been driving for three years and […]

Never trust satnav

The image above is of Google Maps. It shows where a campsite actually is, vs where Google thinks it is. Maps have always had errors, either at production, or introduced over time through age. But, when we had to look at paper people tended to question the map, check it, and therefore catch errors. Now, […]

Why modern 4x4s break the laws of robotics

The modern vehicle is an amazing feat of engineering, and an even more amazing feat of electronic and computing design.  There are sensors everywhere, for everything – wheel speeds, steering wheel angles, all over the engine, even monitors to detect how dark or wet it is.  And soon there’ll be more, fed by data over […]

The future of automotive fun

There are, broadly, three classes of offroader.  These are the driver, the builder, and the tourer.  The driver enjoys the challenge of manouvering the vehicle across difficult terrain.  The builder enjoys the challenge of creating a vehicle that can handle the terrain.  And the tourer just wants to get there and doesn’t care how. Two […]

Will another hundred be enough?

Years ago a computer monitor used to be 12 inches across, and 15 was considered large. Having such a behemoth on your desk was a clear sign that you were terrifically important to the company and had done something special to have justified such an expansive display.  Now 27” monitors are dirt cheap, and TVs […]

A tank full of electrons.

This is my co-driver’s story of our drive from Melbourne to Adelaide and back in Hyundai Kona EV in April 2019. When Robert asked for volunteers to ride along on an extended EV journey, I was keen, then not so keen as the logistics started to look challenging. The same journey in a petrol or […]

Reader views: OBD scanners

It’s my view everyone should own an OBD scanner, and you can read why on Motofomo. My readers by and large are of the same view, as you can see here: Michael Haworth I run one and use it on most trips to monitor transmission temp, exhaust gas temp, and DPF status. I often tow […]