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How and why – change your car’s badge colour

The little things count. Sometimes a car is changed, you look at it and think “that’s better” but you can’t pin down exactly what changed or how. In that case it’s probably tiny little changes that you don’t notice invidually, but do change the overall look.

An example is badges – you can delete them, or change colour. In the case of my Elise the vehicle is orange, but with a lot of black – that’s important as any colour needs a balance, particuarly a bright one like orange. The exception to the orange/black rule was the chrome badges, which I felt were just the wrong colour as nothing else on the car is chrome, especially after I changed the numberplates to black and white.

So I changed the badges to black using Plastidip, and in this video I explain exactly how that’s done, and also talk about how and why I used Plastidip on my 86 and Ranger.

Another good approach is this Lotus which has a black trim panel but the badges are the body colour. I kind of like that one too!

Image from lotustalk.com

And here’s a pic of my Ranger; changed the sill colour to black from silver after a wrap.

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