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Got a flat and don’t carry a spare tyre? Here’s your solution!

Modern tyres are more puncture-resistant than ever, so many cars simply don’t come with a spare tyre as carmakers claw back the space and weight, fighting to meet efficiency targets.

This is all well and good until you actually have a puncture, and then you’re immobilised.

Runflat tyres are an option, but expensive, uncomfortable and survive just once puncture. The infamous ‘goo’ you pipe into the tyre can work, sort of, but it basically writes off the tyre too.

There is a better way, and it’s well-known in the 4X4 world but not so well known outside. You simply plug the tyre and inflate it back to operating pressure, then go on your way, getting it fully repaired when you can. The tyre isn’t written off, and performs better than a space-saver.

In the video below I explain what kit you need to carry to repair common punctures and keep going…and the kit is small enough to be carried in any car, even a Lotus Elise. A much better idea than a long wait for a towtruck just because of a nail!

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