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Jeep Avenger EV non-4×4 to be released in Australia

Jeep’s first-ever BEV, or Battery Electric Vehicle will be on sale in Australia from Q4 2024. That’s BEV, not just EV, as Jeep have had a hybrid Wrangler for some years now. A BEV has one power source and that’s the battery.

Now about that non-4X4.

“A pure expression of “concentrated Freedom”, it is the first front-wheel drive Jeep vehicle equipped standard with Selec-Terrain® and Hill Descent Control, which, together with the improved ground clearance and angles, make it a vehicle with unexpected off-road capability.”

I’ve read a lot of press releases in my life, but “pure expression of concentrated Freedom” takes marketing to new height of wordsmithery. Yes, any capability from low-slung 2WD would be unexpected, so I guess ‘unexpected’ is correct. In the video below I do a lot of offroad in a 2WD Suzuki, but that’s helped by the weight being mostly over the front wheels, not rear. The Avenger wouldn’t have that advantage.

Jeep have given the vehicle its Selec-Terrain adaptive terrain system, and boast about 200mm of ground clearance. I’m not convinced. I am pleased to see a focus on protecting the battery from damage.

Then there’s the name. Given Jeep’s customer-relation woes, I’m not entirely sure “Avenger” is the most appropriate name?

The Avenger pricing is:

  • Longitude $53,990
  • Limited $57,990
  • Summit $63,990

all excluding onroads. All share the same 54kWh battery and 115kW motor.

Range is a WLTP range of 396km. That’ll translate to more like 300km in real-world conditions, and you can learn about WLTP and EV range here.

Charging is as you’d expect, and Jeep have given us a handy graphic:

And some useful charging times:

So where does the Avenger fit into the market? It isn’t a super-cheap EV to compete with the Chinese brands. It isn’t sporty, like Hyundai’s new N-car. It would have better offroad capability than the average 2WD SUV, but that’s such a low bar I feel it’s pointless. So I’m not entirely sure where the Avenger sits in the marketplace. And I’ve confirmed with Jeep that it cannot tow. What do you think?

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