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4×4 Bridle Recovery Forces

This post answers a few questions about the Bridle Forces recovery video:

Can you use a bridle for snatch recovery?

Yes, you can, provided the bridle is designed for it.

Can you use a tree trunk protector (or tree saver) as a bridle?


Is there a maximum length for a bridle?

No, but once the included angle gets below about 15 degrees, there’s no point making it longer as the additional forces are very low relative to the recovery force. You should size your bridle for any vehicle you will recover, not just your own.

Can you use a bridle as anything else?

Yes, the one you see shown is mine. It is many years old and is used as a bridle, and just a short rope to join things. Everything should be multi-purpose!

Can you use hoisting webbing as a bridle?

Sure can, the rigging industry does in effect so we can too!

What’s an easy way to calculate the bridle length?

From a YouTube commenter; “for a 30 degree included angle, total bridle length is 4 times anchor spacing, and for 20 degrees, it needs to be 6 times.”

Here’s the video:

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